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Fallout Tactics

  • Fallout Tactics is a recent release set in the Fallout world, it is a squad based tactical game though and not an RPG. It does however have a great deal of Fallout flavour even if if it is lacking in the dark humour of the original.

  • Mod Ideas

  • This is a silly idea for a British mod of FOT, its called "Fallout Towers: Don't Mention the War! ". A joke for any Fawlty Towers fans out there.

  • There is also a good mod site at called The Mutant Liberation Army. Check it out

  • Game Guide

  • Possible Improvements

  • Fallout Tactics has many problems with it. The first is that it is fataly bugged in many places throughout the game, try and play for longer than half an hour and your computer will more than likely crash. This can be partially fixed by using the 1.25 patch downloadable here...

  • If FOT2 or any expansions are to occur microforte needs to bring back some much needed fallout atmoshpere. I am not saying that it should become an RPG, it just needs a few adjustments and then the game would be appealing to both the X-Com fan and the Fallout fan.

  • Here are some popular changes that some fans would like to see:

  • 1. Bring back the reconisable Fallout intro (Some jazz, pipboy and War, war never changes yada yada yada!)

  • 2. More friendly characters

  • 3. Dialog trees

  • 4. Hex bases for characters (no hex grid needed this is just a superficial thing)

  • 5. Return to the original deathclaws

  • 6. More Humour!

  • I feel that the clue to making FOT2 is to make more use of the character growth system. There wasn't enough scope for use of non-combat based skills in FOT but what if in FOT2 each mission had alternatives to its completion using the various skills. One example of this could be using your gamble skill on a dim raider to gamble for a map of secret passages into a raider base. Another example would be fixing a lift to by pass a dangerous level in a military base, so the skills would not be needed to complete the mission but could help.


"Brought to you by the same people that created the RobCo PIPboy 2000!!