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The RobCo84 Database

You have accessed the RobCo84 database, here you will find various information, opinions and news all relating to the world of Fallout. This is not an official site but my hope is that the public ideas published here will be noticed by someone important, this is the aim of my web site. Also having played through both Fallout RPGs too many times, if you need help or advice with the game I'd be happy to help. Just e-mail me.


June 16th

Here is a piece of legal termanology that looks sispiciously like a way of stealing mod programs without having to pay any royalities or fees!This was found in legal text in the new FOT editor program.

"By creating New Materials with the Program you hereby agree, and grant MF exclusive royalty free copyright to the New Materials, and MF may sell, grant a security interest, lease, rent, license or exploit New Materials for any commercial purpose as MF sees fit."

June 15th

Check out DAC (see links) for info on the Chat session with Fallout developers. It includes hints towards FO3 and FOT2 and is also a must for all fans of the series.

June 14th

I am currently looking for a couple of programmers or modders who would be interested in helping me for a project. The brief is to create a Fallout Tactics game set in Britain, with the working title "Fallout: The Exodus". The aim is to tell the story of how the war came to Britain and will involve Gangsters, Mutants and the Metropolitan Juristiction. If anyone is interested please email me at

My hope is to find some partners for this project and I don't wish to act as a boss in anyway, this is purely volutary work and the editors need to be released yet. But I would like to get the storyline and mission plotting designed first and i will need help with this as well.

"Brought to you by the same people that created the RobCo PIPboy 2000!!