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If on aggressive, you'll likely snipe a guy and a dog off to the E as soon as you enter. Then advance up to the line of cars and duck behind them, standing to fire at the combatants on the ridge. Don't fire unless you have at least a 30% chance to hit; you will just waste ammo.

There are 3 ways in to the complex, as advised by the map. I suggest taking the south route as you can get to your contact there. It is highly advisable to keep the alarm from sounding if you can help it, so engage the guards quickly and quietly so as not to send them running to the sirens.

Move SE towards the SE stairs. You can kill the bridge guards if you want since they don't have guns (pretty dumb if ya ask me), but there are sentries that walk around with guns. The N section with the still is especially highly guarded, with a guy with an AK47; a great weapon, but you have to take it from him.

KJ <> suggests:

shooting the alcohol still nets you a 200 xp.

The south side is pretty lightly guarded, and in a tent (on the W side of the gorge) is a shelf with stuff and a sleeping guy, easily ambushed. Move to the agreed meeting point and find the guy with red armor. He is in the building, crouched. From there, go NE to the room with the bookshelf. Kill the guy with the spear and his buddy nearby. Get the scouting manual on the shelf and read it for outdoorsman skill.

Go NE again and kill the spear guy there by the fire. Head E into the wood- floored room and loot the cabinet. Once there, move the squad N to NE of the porthole building with the sleeping guards. Sneak in and then kill them quickly. Then move SW to the room with the locked door and 'Ripley the prisoner'. You may have to sneak, and/or shoot the guards in the main street before they set off the alarm. This will be tricky, and if you find it difficult, you'll likely have to go all the way around through the still area, killing those foes, and come from both sides, the north and the south side of the street, to get enough shots off to kill them before the siren goes off.

You can try to pick the lock, but it'll be difficult. If you do, she'll open the door and run off. Go into the tent nearby and rescue the elder. Ware the guys in the bunker in the street. Shooting nearby will probably set off the guards to attack you, and they'll start coming out of the tents. If you're good enough, you can pick them off 1 at a time as they come at you, but crouch and take cover just in case. When done, loot the bodies and tents for some good stuff. If you're lucky, you won't have awoken most of the guards, and they will be sleeping in the tents. Just walk your guys up to the door on passive sentry, and then activate agressive; 6 free shots at 95%. Execution style, as it were.

Head N from here to the little compound with the guy locked inside. Getting through the door is difficult. I have yet to actually get in there, and would be most interested to find out what was inside...

chad athey <> writes:

Concerning the locked house that you were interested in getting into on the Freeport mission, one of the guards that generally hangs around the tent the elder's in has the key. In fact, If I remember correctly, in addition to the key he has better loot than any other guard in the Freeport mission. Hope that helps.

Gabriel <> writes:

In Freeport just North of the (northeast) building with the two sleeping guards which is northwest of the guard by the fire, there is a locker with an AK-47 (your first one to get - and not on a person) and some ammo or other stuff. You can return their to confirm the contents. I only bring this up since this weapon can help out immensely on this mission and gives you at least two by the end of this mission.

Next, head E toward the still. Stop in the room full of boxes to kill a guy and loot a crate. Then continue toward the still. There will be guys sleeping here, and a guy with an AK right near the still, so be careful and crouch on the approach. If you have to, hide behind the crates and move out, shoot at him, and then move back out of sight.

Once they're all dead, go talk to the Tribal Elder and tell him to go to the exit area, then proceed there yourself.