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Head E and then NE towards the 2nd entrance, noted on the map. The first obstacle is the camp to the east. Sneak up and engage them from a distance. By now you ought to have 2 good snipers (you and Farsight, if you're a sniper) and a 3rd, Rebecca, might be available at the base. The others ought to be at least passable at the rifle, as well. If you're not too close, they likely won't hit you.

Follow the same idea for the next group to the NE. They'll probably run out into the field, and you can hit them from there. When they're down, you can head NE, to the E of the garbage wall. Watch for the sniper post across the street to the NE. There's a guy with an AK up there and he has buddies in the building below him. Take him out and then approach the building slowly to get his friends (2). You should get 2 AK's from this; if you're into automatics, they'll be your friends for a while. I prefer the hunting rifle with a secondary automatic weapon myself, or a shotgun.

Go N to the car wall, and then around it to get the crate in the SW corner, made by the L of cars. Be aware that there is a raider there with an auto-matic weapon, which you might not have seen if she was crouching.

Head N to the gap in the wall crouched. Set to aggressive, and then stand. You might to see some guards and shoot them. Once done, head around the perimeter wall around back, and beware of the mines there. The slower you go, the more mines you'll discover with your eyes, rather than your feet. You probably don't have anyone who can disarm them, so just leave them be. adds:

Going down on your belly makes it easier to spot land mines.

Now you can head NW towards the gate control if you like. Pick the door if you can to get at the gate control. From there, you can get into the area with the boss raider. Once through with him, we can proceed to clean up the rest of them.

You can either go in the ground floor or the top floor. The ground floor is locked, and might pose a problem, so you may have to go upstairs; ware the sniper there. Downstairs, 'Jesse' might be able to shoot at you through obscure mapping errors. Specifically, there is a spot to the right of the door that allows you to shoot at the second floor. If you feel lucky, put your best shot there and take care of the 2 guys upstairs.

Eventually you should get into the door, and make sure everyone is lined up outside to see in and set to aggressive. If you can't you'll have to to upstairs and then down the indoor stairs, a dicey proposition at best. Of course, if you go in the ground floor and then upstairs, you'll have 2 or 3 enemies to contend with, which is also a pain. It might be best to go up the outside stairs and take care of them through the door. Of course, then you have to contend with the enemies on the balcony. You can also hit guys on the walls from the balcony, a good idea in my opinion, allowing you to get up on the walls and fire at them.

Inside the small room is a safe which eluded me for some time. I tried clicking on it and it said 'out of reach', but it can be accessed. You must move the character to the left of the safe; in fact, put them right on the left side of the safe. Then use picklocks to try to open it. I picked it on my first try, but this might be an anomaly. Rebecca is good for that, with high picklocks and possibly a kit you should have bought at the base. Inside are ring pulls, RadAway, and a Traps book. As with most books, either give it to the expert or your main character. As you likely don't have a trap character yet, it should go to the main character or be saved.

Next you ought to get up on the wall to fire at your the nearby field. Make a complete circuit of the 'C' and then go down off the wall and back out to the mine-laced area. Go into the field next to the brahmin building and shoot at the guy in the building to the W ('Bo the Raider'). Make sure to loot him because he has several grenades on him. There is also a locked chest with a science book in it.

Head out into the parking lot area to the SW. Go to the yellow-lit building to the S and assault the guy there. Open his chest and take the fruit (?) and equipment. Also loot the bookcase for healing supplies. Then go around the corner to deal with 'Daisy the Raider'. It's a real pain in the neck because she has so many guys to help her that you can't go around the corner without getting shot to hell.

Your best shot is to move in a crawl or prone, and move slowly so as to only activate the two guards nearest to you, and hope you don't get hit too bad; it helps to be against the wall farthest from them (the S wall). When done, loot the bodies BUT DON'T FREE THE GUY YET; he'll head for the gate and get shot to heck by the guards there. Free him later. From Daisy you get the gate key, so if you couldn't pick the door up north near the beginning of this mission, you can use this key to open it.

lobar <> adds:

In the one mission with Daisy the raider, I've found that if you put everyone into a crawl position and stealth mode, you can move right up the first barrier within the room without being detected. Nightime seems to work best. I group my people together, put them in offensive mode, and raise them to a kneel at once. Good results this way. Special Note, before the patch you could switch stances to aviod damage but now you can't. So the lay/kneel/shoot/lay tatic does not work. The enemies go into overwatch and shoot as you kneel back up again. Best to stay kneeling and keep shooting.

Cross the road to the NW and head to the building there, flanked by skull torches. It is literally full of guards, so be careful. In here is Luke, the last of the raider bosses. Kill him and you get a pile of XP, enough to go up a level, usually. There's also a shelf and a bookshelf here.

From here head east to the next yellow-lit building. Loot the table and head north to the room with the cell door. Don't miss the chest out front. Use the key from the raider in the last building to unlock the door, and talk to the guy there. Now you should head out the front gate to make sure the coast is clear. The best way to do this is actually to go up on the wall again and clear everyone away.

Once you've done this, head out the gate and shoot the guys in the green escape area; there are several, unfortunately. Don't miss the chest by the gate; it's on the right side. When the gate is clear, go get the scientist and Nanuk. Before you leave, make sure the clear out the NW section (a small parking lot-type area) for XP and loot.