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I think we both missed a golden opportunity at Macomb. I haven't had the chance to go back and check it but I think that this is where you're supposed to pick up your dog trainer. I was suspicious at the end mission brief when the General got so hot and bothered about sending all the civilians off to labour camps. Any time the General was happy about being a fascist it's safe to bet you've missed something. Then when I got to Great Bend the guy in the locked house was seriously pissed off about a sister of his that had got hooked up with a raider and died in a Brotherhood labour camp. I seem to remember one of the civilians after the second set of dogs at Macomb calling out "Stop, please stop." as he ran into my guns but I just wrote him off as being a trick like the raider that attacks you even if you give him food. Now I'm wondering if there's some way to recruit him. Like I said I haven't tried it yet but next time I think I'll head west on that side street before that second set of dogs and see if there's anybody willing to talk. It might have been that woman in the park just north and west of that last gate.


Since I've had many people write stuff in, I want to compile a list of all the good stuff you can do with vehicles, since this is the first one you get. FIRST: vehicles have unlimited inventory. Put somebody in there and hit 'i' and it will bring up a second inventory next to yours. This is the vehicle's, and you can fill it with whatever you want and it won't go away, ever (bugs aside). SECOND: many people can't figure out how to get in or out of the vehicle. Ctrl-left click on it to get in, and Ctrl-left click on the ground next to it to get out of it. THIRD: running over a foe will lock it permanently in the prone position as long as you remain on top of it. It will be unable to make attacks and you can shoot it at point blank range with the prone bonus.

It might be easiest to leave the Hummer here for now. Head SW down the road a little and then into the large warehouse full of cardboard boxes. Retrieve the toolkit, which will be necessary to fix the hummer if it gets messed up.

Move down the street some more and fight off the rooftop guards. Then go into the building at the end of the street, to the NW, with gray hexagonal windows (the one next to the gate). Inside is the control for the gate and 2 guards. Try to pick them off separately, not that they're that difficult. Once done, open the gate with the control and don't forget the chest in the back room.

Now head W towards the car junkyard. You will see a bunch of dogs eating a civilian. Advance towards them, and kill them and the snipers on the roofs. The civilian corpse has a whole pile of medical supplies and (expensive) drugs, so make sure to get it.

When done, head S to the building with the chest on its roof, and watch for the raider up there, as well as the one on the adjacent roof. Go up here and head SE down the line of bridged roofs, so as to take out all resistance down the street from the elevated position. Don't forget to get that chest, though, as it has an important key.

lobar <> adds:

In regards to the roof tops across the street (where the chest with key is) I have noted that after the patch, it is suicide to climb up on the chest end. The raiders are in overwatch /aggresive sentry mode and always burst you as you get to the top. They have always managed to either kill my climber or knock them off the ladder. Even in stealth mode, they get spotted. When I climb up the end where you talk to the raider and he tells you about the key, then it's much easier to get the drop on the raiders up there. I've played this mission before and after the patch, and the after patch version is much more dangerous. I think they did this so that people would find a use for this raider who tells you about the key.


I managed to climb up this ladder, but only at night could I get away with it.

Next, head into the Bowlarama. Kill the 3 guys by slowly advancing on the entrance and moving out of cover, and then go in and take the dynamite out of the ice chest (a big white freezer against the NE wall).

lobar <> adds:

The bowlerama building and going after the guys on its roof. One tactic that works well is to distract them. From across the street where you find the chest with the key, I take one person and start shooting at the guys on the roof. They all come running to attack that person. They have AK-47's which are out of range from the far side of the street so your decoy is relatively safe. A hunting rifle will have range in your hands. This leaves things fairly clear for the rest of your squad to climb up there and attack them from behind.


The secret door is in the section just after the second gate. I've also noted that the grenade chucker is far more dangerous and annoying now. It almost seems they have beefed him up. Anyway, if you follow the row of buildings towards the library you'll see a park across from the library. Look to the ruined buildings to the edge of the map and you'll see at the end, part of a car sticking out of a collapsed garage. Well, you can walk people through this garage into the park and then to the exit grid. Kneeling and stealthed, I've managed to get people up onto the balcony where the raider with the rocket launcher is and kill him before he gets any shots off. Then I just snipe everyone else I can see. From here you can walk up behind everything right up to the mine field.

Of special note, you'll only be able to get 2 or 3 people through before the garage closes and they can't go back. So I take my best snipers. I've done this before and after the patch. Not sure if it's a bug, but the way the park and buildings are layed out, I think it's legit. I've been able to clear the whole area with 2 people. Hunting rifles are good since you out distance most of what you face, and there are lots of high spots to shoot from.

Head out the S door and go NE to the ladder and up so you can get at the next set of guards on the roofs. By now you might have killed them all, so just get their loot. Head to the SE end of the road, to find the control for the next gate. Nearby is a raider who wants food in exchange for the knowledge of where the gate key is. He'll attack you anyway, though. He says it's in that chest on the roof that you already got! What a coincidence...

Use the key on the door and open the gate with the controls. Be careful because there is a guy behind the door, down the street, with a rocket auncher. He also has a pal with a machinegun and a grenadier to boot. The grenadier is particularly pesky because he is stealthed. I had a stealth character sneak around behind his position (the building) and attack him, and when he stood up to get at her, my other guys took him out.

When he is dealt with, you can open up the next door; the controls are behind the bunker with the rocket guy. Head down the street past the control SE (NOT through the gate) and towards the library. Talk to the librarian in there twice. He wants you to find his glasses.

Now head back to the gate you opened and go through it, down the street. The building to the north is full of raiders; best clean them out one at a time, using cover if you can, crouched. Don't miss the desk when you're done. The building just to the NE of that one has an ice chest and a raider in it. For some reason, the civilian seems to have incredible marksmanship; I'm not sure why. This requires either a sacrifice of damage, or really annoying and tedious sneaking and firing techniques. This appears to be because he has armor-piercing bullets. Inside the ice chest are some molotov cocktails and a repair kit.

"Ray Macey" <> adds:

Just thought I should let you know that the highly accurate civilian in the Macomb mission is apprently meant to be Austin Powers, seeing as how he called out 'Groovy Baby' or 'Shagadelic Baby' (the exact words escape me) before he blew the absolute #$%# out of me. It explains his accuracy and the armour piercing bullets :)

Next job is the next building up the street, to the NE. The doors in front are closed and sort of hard to see. Ware the civilians on the roof and in the street. Open the doors and prepare for an ambush. There are 3 or 4 guys there which you can hide from using the doorway. The hardest one might be the one right at the door, but a shotgun blast or a full-auto burst should do the trick on him.

This is the courthouse, and there are raiders in the courtroom too, so beware. You can go up the stairs if you want to try to get an advantage on them, which might be wise. You can also see foes in other buildings from up here, so give it a shot. You must at least go upstairs to use the controls on the balcony.

Head out the gate you just opened and watch for mines. Head N to clear out the building there and watch for sentries to the NW. There is a guy on the roof, up in the alley here, too, on the NE side. Getting the hummer past the mines is a difficult task. If you can't disarm them (they are very hard to disarm), you have to do the following (this is by no means easy, and took me abotu 12 tries). Go south of the first one, onto the sidewalk. Continue past the next 2, and then turn north a bit and drive in between the last 2. This is tricky, and you may end up getting mad and hitting one or two and then repairing later. It CAN be done, but it is not easy, not by a long shot.

Shane Feather <> writes:

When referring to the mines in Macomb( or elsewhere), if you are not able to disarm them just have your best sniper stand several feet away and force fire at them. One good hit will clear away that pesky mine. Be sure and be several feet away though as the translational damage is widespread.

Even with a very high attack percentage it takes several shots...just keep trying. I think the game assigns a high damage stopping ability to the ground on top of the mine...and it almost takes a critical hit to score enough damage to set them off. Also the two Brahmin in the pen next to this area will wander out and take two of them out for you if you open both gates on their pen, also an exploding cow is a great stress reliever.

Houston Bruck <> writes:

If anyone is having a little trouble in the Macomb mission disarming those mines, I've got a little tip. I was having some trouble force firing on the mines, and I could not for the life of me drive though the mines. So I got some dynamite and activated it near the mines. To get close enough it seems that you have to put the trap skill on, and click on top of the mines. Once there activate some dynamite and run, that should take care
of the problem. -HB
---------------------- suggests:

Another way to disable mines is to lob fragmentation grenades at them. In the Macomb mission where the road is mined, there is a grenadier who I got somewhere around 14 frag grendades off him. I have the grenades to Rebecca, who with a Throwing skill of only 32 was able to lob a grenade far enough to blow up the mine and avoid damage. One grenade per mine is all that is needed.

You also only have to clear one side of the road. Just have to be careful when driving the Hummer.

KJ <> suggests:

When shooting mines, shotguns work best with their 12 ga. Rounds. It can easily set off any mines. And in the beginning of the game, the shotguns rule! It works just like burst even for single-shots, and uses only one bullet! However you have to be careful about your party, you may hit them and considering they are quite near to you, it’s painful. Also, if you manage to get the merchant encounter early in the game, you can get the pancor jackhammers and have an easy ride till the mutants mission where your range and skill is tested.

lobar <> adds:

The mines. Another effective way to destroy them is to lay down on the ground and force fire burst attacks. (Generally, laying on the ground puts you on the same level with the mines and gives you better results however you decide to do it.) You can line you squad up one beside each other and burst down the street. Just move them forward in formation by using the 'F' key before you mouse click. There is also one mine that is not active, it's the one without the red ring around it. You can pick it up and take it along to use or sell. Using dynamite also works well and I've been able to place the dynamite beside the mines and have it work that way. I've never had to place dynamite on top of a mine.

Go back to the gate, and around the building with the civilians on it. Watch for mines, and move slowly. You're moving into an ambush area here, with people in the building to the south of the intersection and in the alley to the north. Use the building on the W for cover. Watch out for the grenadier(s) on the NE side of the intersection.

The chest in the room with the snipers (and a large radiation bath in the back room) has the librarian's glasses. Return them to him. He give you a book for free; unless you traded him for it before, in which case you just get your objective completed.

KJ <> adds:

The librarian’s glasses. Some people do not know how to return it to him. It happened for me and I figured out that you must barter and give it to him. This would help.

Head back to the intersection and go SW into the alley there and up the ladder onto the roof to loot the bodies of the civilians there. Once done, go back to the intersection and SE this time, down the road. You will find a guy in a building on the NE side of the street and a bunch of dogs in the street; not too much challenge there.

Continue down the street until you find a civilian or two that need killin', at the end of the road. As you advance, more will come from the street to the SW and throw rocks at you. No, you shouldn't be worried.

Head SW and go into the N 2-story building next to the gate. You might be forced to fight on the way there, just a civilian and a raider or two. Unfortunately, you might activate the raiders down by the exit grid, which will be two more things to keep your hands full with.

Once done with them, head into the building and up the stairs, to the roof. From here you can go across the bridges to get loot from some of the snipers at the intersection before. You would think that you could get to the top floor of the library from here, but in fact you can't, from anywhere.

Just head up to the gate and pick a point past it; there appears to be a map hole that you can get through, but it will only let female figures through. If they ever fix it, you'll have to come through the ruined building to the southeast, though, or the road to the north. adds:

Female characters can go through some tight areas that men can't(i.e. the alleys in Macomb and the gap on the plateau above Peoria).

And now we come to the end of it, which features several snipers and a man with a bazooka. There are about a half a dozen all told; you're better off inching down the street along the south, so as to pick off the snipers in the south building 1 at a time. What I do is go into the south building and put my best shots on the roof, picking off the enemies one at a time. Some-times they will be stupid enough to charge you, 1 or 2 at a time, and you can pick them off easily enough that way. Just be careful of the bazooka guy. His aim is usually way off if he's firing from far away, but if you get up close, kiss your butt goodbye. The barricades here can be easily destroyed with small arms fire. suggests:

Also in the Macomb mission, the rocket launcher guy at the end of the mission can easily be taken out from behind by sneaking a guy up to the building and climbing the ladder.

Once done, move the hummer up to the exit area. You should get confirmation of mission end, and then you can return to base.